Low Thyroid and Hashimoto’s

Chances are good that you know a woman diagnosed with "hypothyroid" or low thyroid. Low Thyroid Conditions are epidemic. As common as they  are, it’s downright scary how often these thyroid problems are mis-managed and mis-diagnosed.

Just think about this….

If your lab tests are "normal" or you’re taking thyroid hormones right now—then why do you STILL suffer with these low thyroid symptoms?

  • Tired, fatigued
  • Can’t lose weight, even with exercise
  • Gain weight easily, even if eating low-carb, low-fat, or low-calorie diet
  • Feel cold in your hands, feet, or all over
  • Must have more than 8 hours of sleep to function at all
  • Difficult and irregular bowel movements
  • Depression, don’t have motivation
  • Morning headaches that get better as the day progresses
  • Outer third of eyebrows are thinning
  • Hair loss or thinning hair on scalp, genitals
  • Dry skin or dry scalp
  • Sluggish thinking, slow mental reaction time

Here’s why you feel this way….

There are 25 different ways your thyroid hormones can go wrong…25! And only one of those twenty-five responds well to taking replacement thyroid hormones.

Many (if not all) of women taking Thyroid Hormones like Synthroid®, Armour® or Levothyroxine have not been evaluated completely to discover the real cause of their low thyroid symptoms. The traditional way of dealing with women who have low thyroid symptoms is a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter that simply doesn’t work well for about 80% of women.

That means 80% of women taking thyroid hormones are guaranteed to continue suffering.

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