What is Functional Neurology?

What is Functional Endocrinology?

What is Clark Brain-Based Rehab®?

Clark Brain-Based Rehab®(CBBR) is the trademarked treatment system created by Dr. David Clark. CBBR combines the most modern, cutting-edge scientific discoveries in neurology, nutrition, endocrinology and immunology into one powerful system of analysis, diagnosis and treatment and support.

Aren’t you practicing Medicine?

Absolutely not. Medicine uses drugs to treat DISEASES–all my programs are drug-free.I don’t treat any disease, I treat the person. The practice of medicine tries to dominate over body processes with medications,.I support the body with neurological stimulation, nutrition, diet, sleep, stress resistance and exercises. Medicine is really not concerned with  restoring FUNCTION. But I am.

Can you help if I’m taking medications?

Yes. But you need to understand that I will never tell you to stop taking any medication. It’s true that the more medications your are taking, the more difficult your case will be…but taking medications does not disqualify you from receiving my help and getting great results.

Can you help my child if he/she is taking medications?

Yes. Many children brought to my office are taking medication when I first see them. The good news is that most of the same children are taking much fewer medications (or none) after completing my program.

Why doesn’t my doctor know about this stuff?

Don’t be too hard on your previous doctors. Each one did what they knew how to do. The problem I’ve seen is many doctors simply don’t read. They don’t stay current with scientific research on non-drug methods of supporting the body. They are either stuck in a time warp 10, 15 or 30 years ago…Or, they only read what the pharmaceutical reps give them to read.

I live out of town/out of state/out of the country…can you still help me?

Yes. About 50% of my practice are patients who travel 4 hours or more. I’ve helped people from all parts of the United States., and in several countries. Their follow up care is "remote"–through email, postal mail and by telephone. My assistant can help you with travel plans.